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Emissions West Coast Bass Culture 2014 Preview with Staff Picks

April 25, 2014Zac Krohn

Out here in California we are starting to get the first taste of spring, warm days, clear skies and that fresh smell in the air. This can only mean one thing, festival season is almost upon us! Our whole staff is super excited to be kicking off the season at Emissions West Coast Bass Culture Festival (May 16 -19)! Emissions is put on by Camp Question Mark, who have made a name for themselves by bringing some of the best talent to their Burning Man sound camp. Over the past 5 years they have been building up their own festival, Emissions, for those needing a biannual dose of future beats (and those not strong enough for the playa). This year the festival is located in Belden Town, which is well known as being an ultimate spot for an intimate party. Apparently the entire small town gets transformed for the events that occur here. I hear tell of a beautiful beach stage on the Feather River and lots of shaded camping.

This year’s lineup is absolutely bonkers and falls in line perfectly with our motto “where wonky meets beautiful meets gangster”. Fans of Dubstep, Trap, Bass and Wierd will all be satisfied by this diverse lineup that brings out some really unique acts as well as old favorites. Headliners include Deltron 3030, NastyNasty, Minnesota, and a Starkey and Dev 79 tag team set, to name a few. Snag your ticket here to join the fun!

The entire Booms and Claps crew has gotten together for this post to highlight some of our favorite lesser known acts

DOSHY (Mike)
One of the main reasons many of us are flocking to Belden Town next month is because German-based producer Doshy is going to blessing us with his presence.  He pulls influences from many different genres to create his own unique version of bass music that we have all come to adore. This will be Doshy’s first US appearance, and boy, is it going to be a doozy. The west coast bass scene has been dying to feast their ears on Doshy’s sets, and Camp Question Mark has been kind enough to make this a reality for us. We are forever grateful. Take a peek at one his newest tracks here.


This is one lady that knows how to work the dance floor. Her track selection of deep gangster beats with choice raps is bound to make you move in ways you never thought possible while your mind is traveling in space.

VNDMG (Mitch)
Pronounced VanDamage, he combines the likes of hard-hitting 808’s with ghetto trap. Always putting on a great show he is one to not miss if you find your self getting low on the dance floor.

One of the absolute dons of true dubstep, J:Kenzo has been vibrating chestplates across the Atlantic for years. Between his shows on Rinse.FM and masterful DJ sets, no sub has been left untested by the might of this man’s tunes. J:Kenzo is sure to bring the deadliest of dubplates to Emissions, the kind of tunes that make people stop and just feel the air tingle with bass around them. If you haven’t caught an act like this before, don’t miss out, you have to feel it.

If you like getting weird (you’re going to Emissions so that’s a given) there’s no one better than The Widdler to serve as your guide through the squishy fabric of the multiverse. Paranoid dubstep is the name of the game here, not bro-y or tearout dubstep, but dark beats full of texture and half-remembered mutterings.

Hailing from San Francisco, Trevor Kelly is a highly talented DJ with increasingly hefty production chops. I’ve witnessed him throw down some seriously impressive sets, blending dubstep with psychedelic 808 beats until the whole crowd is alternating between hippy flow-dancing and quality old school skanking.

Humboldt County resident, Hypha, will be bringing his special late night blend to Emissions. His reverberating beats, sexy vocals, and purple synths, bubble in a pot of auditory gold.  Complexly crafted beats and tasteful glitches make his music just as appropriate for the dance floor as the bedroom.

Master of the “flute drop”, Yheti is one of the wonkier producers out there these days. Much of his music has a base of 808 beats, but draws on all types of influences to create a sound that will be perfect to get weird on the dance floor to. For those looking to experience the more experimental sounds, this is a must see!

Repping Portland, OR, QUARRY‘s record label STYLSS has grown over the past two years to represent the more emotional side of hip-hop influenced bass music. With a love for 808s and everything “sad”, STYLSS consistently showcases amazing West Coast (and everywhere else) producers, such as CESTLADORE and EASTGHOST, and of course label-owner QUARRY, all of whom are not to be missed in Belden Town!

BOATS (Peter)
BOATS, a producer out of Oakland, CA, could be considered a “future beats” artist, if you’re into pigeonholing. At Booms and Claps, we’re a little more interested in music than labels, so I’m gonna call his music “dope.” With some tunes that are EPROM-esque, and some tunes that sound more like a tropical Boeboe remix of an R&B song, it’s safe to say that BOATS has variety. You’ll always find fat kick drums and rolling bass, that’s for sure.

Another NorCal favorite, THE ORIGINALZ have consistently impressed me with their releases. They retain some of that mid-tempo, glitch-hoppy bass sound that I love so much, while leaning towards the 808 side of the spectrum simultaneously. With several full-length releases already under their belt, including one on Gravitas Recordings, and an unstoppable live show, THE ORIGINALZ are surely one to look out for at Emissions.

LE MOTI (Clayton)
Pittsburghers Le Moti has been making some balmy ass beats lately, some being considerably huge bangers and others showcase a more laid-back feel like this spanking new release from the Street Ritual production duo.

SHLUMP (Clayton)
Bringing some fierce heat to the Cali trippy-bass movement is Sebastopol’s Shlump and his new Spring E.P. Expect a surefire bananas set on the PK’s at Emissions.

In addition to all these great acts (and so many more) there will be 5 artists from our upcoming compilation preforming at Emissions. Perkulat0r, Yheti, Urpel Eeple, BOATS, and Guttstar, we are honored to be supported by such amazing artists!

Emissions 2014 Website

Check out this preview video with some highlights from last year!

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  • Adam

    April 27, 2014 at 9:57 am

    Festie season started months ago, Lucidity and Serenity were amazing. Late on the game yo! 😉 Anyways, stoked for another epic Emissions! I’ll be crushing lights at FoH main stage!

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