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Empia – Morning Call (+ Emoji King *bonus*)

February 14, 2014Ben Carvalho

Here’s another young Aussie in a flurry of artists across the globe eagerly developing a sugary, novelty hybrid of softer hip-hop/r&b/club tonalities with a modern edm polish. On the heels of popular innovators Flume and Cashmere Cat, several newcomers and production veterans alike have proven successful (so far) at establishing the conventions of a trend that’s quickly blossoming into a still-to-be-named genre. Nostalgic yet vibrantly cheery and youthful, I can only jokingly call it Glee-DM for now.

In listening to Empia‘s latest, ‘Morning Call’- I am reminded that down under in January, it’s summertime. Shimmering synth chords and a re-pitched spacey vocal are greeted by a combination of bass, bells, more vocal samples all strung together by marching hats and snare/clap layers. The beat then spaces itself out, taking on a laid-back boombap nod. Kicks trigger forward and backward underneath jazzy ride patterns while a piano lick plays off the bass line. A field recording of birds and water adds a wilderness white-noise that somewhat oddly unifies the mix. From there, the soaring lead and crisp arpeggiator take us on a victory lap through that zone where you want to fingerpaint with cake frosting and glitter.

Put out by unidentified mystery producer Emoji King, this joyful bopper continues to dump the twinkles all over Jersey Club phrase structure.

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