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EXCLUSIVE: Emilian Dubz – Ghetto

September 24, 2014Peter Merritt

Several weeks ago, while exploring the dark depths of Soundcloud, I came across a young Argentinian producer by the name of Emilian Dubz. His tunes, while retaining a modern bass music influence, immediately reminded me of the deep wonky sound commonplace in late 2000’s dubstep. His Soundcloud page had under 1,000 followers, which, as I’m sure many of you can imagine, is a DJ/blogger’s wet dream. Upon further inspection, it became clear that what he lacks in Soundcloud followers, he makes up for in clean production, fat 808’s, and dark wobbles.

Ghetto” begins like a Rick Ross track. It gives the expectation that some lyrics referencing large quantities of cocaine being sold and collecting money from prostitutes are on their way shortly, but immediately devolves into a trippy, bass-heavy, 808-based dubstep tune that has the listener somewhat confused about how they got from Southeast Atlanta to a dirty basement club in London. They end up pleasantly disoriented and befuddled in a world far from where they started, a world where “trap” and “dubstep” don’t exist, and “gangster bass music” and “space-ghetto” prevail.

Booms and Claps is proud to present: “Ghetto“, available to stream and for free download below.




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