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EXCLUSIVE: Moniker – Vessels

May 27, 2016Peter Merritt

Almost exactly a year ago, we were contacted by Saturate Records about the possibility of having one of their new signees, a duo out of Tennessee named Moniker, participate in our guest mix series. To be honest, at the time, Moniker was largely unknown to us, but the mix they sent over was a perfect blend of the bizarre, wonky 808 sound (think DabowAlexander LewisKRNE, etc.) and the classic Dutch/German bass music style we were so fond of at the time, and with the Saturate stamp of approval, we were more than convinced. Their debut Saturate release came just days later, after which they promptly took the American (and worldwide) underground bass music scene by storm. In the short year since that mix release, they’ve toured the entire country twice, done remixes for heavy hitters like The Originalz, and are now approaching their second Saturate release.

It is from that second Saturate Records release, entitled “Vessels”, that we are proud to present today’s exclusive premiere: none other that the title track from the EP, (aptly entitled) “Moniker – Vessels”. Check out the track below, and keep your eyes peeled for the full EP release, coming next Tuesday on Saturate!

Follow Moniker on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter.

Follow Saturate Records on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter.

Fun Fact: I recently learned that 1/2 of Moniker is actually a producer I was quite fond of years ago, CONTRA. If you want to explore the roots of Moniker, check out his tunes here.

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