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EXCLUSIVE: Trey Songz – Na Na (Little Weather Bootleg)

July 22, 2014Peter Merritt

Many of you may not be familiar with Little Weather, but that is sure to change in the coming months. Based out of Olympia, WA, this up-and-coming “future R&B” producer is making serious moves in the Northwest. He is a founding member of the beat collective Fishtank Friends, his tunes have already received support from the Portland-based label STYLSS, and I can say from personal experience, the live sets of his I’ve caught in Olympia and Seattle have been all-original hyphy masterpieces, full of emotion and energy. His music is minimal, never adding unnecessary sound, but manages to retain a fullness that many producers in this genre fail to achieve. When remixing tracks, he successfully avoids the temptation to go the “pitched-down, reverb-heavy mess” route that so many similar producers take, and instead uses a variety of original ideas that make his tunes stand out from the crowd. Little Weather hit us up and asked if we wanted to release this bootleg as an exclusive, and after hearing it, we were ecstatic. It starts out with a heavy bass synth that makes you think the track is headed in a different direction than it takes, and then swirls into a sonic whirlwind of Trey Songz vocals, claps and snaps, whistles, and synthed-out beauty. Stream the track below, and grab the free download by clicking HERE, or in the buy link.

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Album Artwork by: Adam Baerwolf

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