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Experience Foreverland September 19-21 2014

September 6, 2014Zac Krohn

Pirates, fairies and lost children, oh my! Who’s ready to experience a brand new festival brought to you by some top notch Burning Man camps and production teams?  Experience Foreverland is a collaboration between many names you may have heard before. Enchanted Forest, Fractal Planet, Pulse SF, Sacred Spaces, Emersion (previously known as NEXUS), Hookah Dome, An-Ten-Nae Presents, David Block (The Human Experience), Android Jones and more have joined forces as the collective Paradigm Shift Collaborations. They envision Foreverland as an experiment in duality; balancing imaginative play against escapism. A place where you can embrace your youthful innocence while practicing self reliance. A home to both whimsical mermaids and mischievous pirates, Foreverland is where you can dress up in costumes and get in touch with yourself at the same time!

I’m really excited to see the results of all these communities converging. Each has established a devoted fan base of their own and it will be very interesting to see how they mix together. I’m particularly interested in Pulse SF‘s role; it’s fairly uncommon for psy-trance to be heavily represented in America. Pulse is dedicating a whole stage to some renowned local and international talent on a Void system. I love discovering new music at festivals, so I’m really looking forward to a whole stage of acts with which I’m unfamiliar.


In addition to Pulse SF’s stage, Enchanted Forrest and Emersion are bringing you the Shipwreck Stage, to fulfill all your bass needs. While the whole lineup is packed to the brim with talent, I thought I’d highlight a few names I’m really excited about:

Dirtwire is a side project of David Satori (Beats Antique) and Evan Fraser (Stellamara). A combination of folk and world music with a funky dance vibe, this pair is really fun to see live. They bring out all kinds of instruments you’ve never seen before. As a bonus, their newest release, The Carrier, will have just come out and Foreverland will be one of their first stops on the tour.

CloZee is a 21 year old multi-instrumentalist-turned-glitch-hop-producer from France. She masterfully mixes beautiful melodies and rough bassy textures, resulting in some of my favorite glitch music. This young artist has made a name for herself putting out some stellar releases through Gravitas Recordings, Waxhole Records and The Glitch Hop Community.

Mr. Rogers is a mainstay of the West Coast psychedelic sound and a driving force behind the Ooze System crew. His squishy, brain-bubbling bass is sure to please lovers of the weird. I’ve been following Mr. Rogers for a while now, and his live performances just keep getting better.

Cat’s Pajamas: I caught a bit of this Human Experience side project earlier this year and was really intrigued. Carrying over some similarity in sound design, David Block channels his talent into experimental, organic four-to-the-floor. One thing’s for sure; it’s not your average house music!

Other great names on the Shipwreck Stage include; Phutureprimitive, Soulacybin, Plantrae, Chris B, JoBot, Nominous, Sixis…well you get the idea. Did I mention there will be Funktion-Ones?



Along with a brand new festival, we are also christening a brand new venue! East Park Reservoir is just two and a half hours north of the Bay Area and features a Lake for swimming, trees and plenty of space to roam free.

 Surviving Foreverland

Lake Ladoga is a beautiful but rugged area of California, so bring everything you might need to keep yourself comfortable, safe and playful. Here are some things to keep in mind when packing:

1. There is no running water on site. While the Foreverland team will be bringing in limited quantities of water to keep us all hydrated, we suggest everyone brings enough water to sustain themselves. It’s going to be HOT out there!

2. Foreverland says there will be decent amounts of shade but we all know those campsites get snagged first! Bring out the shade structures, tapestries and parasols to keep your camp the cool place to be!

3. For those interested, Fractal Planet chef, Louis Brody will be offering a 4 meal plan. Meals will “feature two hearty, vegetarian meals per day (Brunch & Dinner) with vegan/gluten-free options. Meals will be mostly organic, sourced from local farms, and overflowing with sustenance to keep you going”. This is a great idea for anyone looking to reduce what they pack and is available through the Foreverland Ticketing page. For those not interested in the meal plan, there will be other options available. As always if you’ve got special dietary needs or something you can’t live without, bring it for yourself!

4. Trash bags. This is a leave no trace, pack in/pack out event! Please bring trash bags and expect to take them back with you.

5. Although the campsites are only 400 yards from parking, it’s always handy to have a hand cart or wheel barrow to help get those heavy pieces to and from your campsite.

Are you convinced yet? Buy tickets to this amazing event!

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