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G Jones – new beats 2015 mixtape (19 unreleased tunes)

January 27, 2015Mike Vincent

It’s always a good day when you wake up to see a brand spanking new G Jones mixtape sitting in your Soundcloud feed. This newest mix has 19 unreleased gems packed inside, including collaborations with Mad Zach and Footsie Newham. Greg takes us into some weirder, grimier vibes with this one; it’s refreshing to see artists venture into unconventional territory, while simultaneously permeating a more mainstream audience. We think he’s capable of bringing the masses into the weird zone.

Anyone who has followed Greg’s music since the Grizzly J days knows that 2014 was an extremely important year for his career. His Low End Theory mix from last February allowed him to gain a massive amount of momentum, and we have yet to see that momentum slow down. The combination of multiple successful releases (notably Ring The Alarm on Saturate Records), touring with Minnesota on the Mind Machine tour, multiple festival appearances, an official Bassnectar remix, opening up for Bassnectar on NYE and again at Red Rocks in May has all but guaranteed that the momentum will just keep building.

Be on the lookout for a release on Smog Records in the next few months. 2015 will be a good year for G Jones.

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We love that the track times are listed.

g jones – that odd feeling in the pit of my stomach (0:00)
g jones – untitled (2:53)
g jones – ned flangers (5:33)
g jones – yo (7:15)
g jones – krabby patty secret formula (9:21)
nite school klik – posse (10:34)
footsie – work all day (g jones remix) (12:45)
g jones – goblin (15:18)
g jones – lavender town (16:42)
mad zach & g jones – roughin it (18:42)
g jones & bleep bloop – quasars (re edit) (21:20)
g jones – labyrinth vip (21:32)
g jones – u already know (24:00)
g jones – bitter paper (25:19)
g jones – syntax error (27:46)
footsie – what u up to (g jones production) (29:22)
doshy & g jones – redsun (31:39)
g jones – that evil blue horse outside denver airport (33:02)
g jones – stripe (34:51)
g jones – mirage vip (37:01)

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