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GANZ – Dino War EP and Interview

April 20, 2015Ben Carvalho

GANZ needs no introduction here. Starting his rise on two of our favorite labels (Saturate and Terrorhythm), GANZ smashed 2014 with a string of originals, official remixes, and bootlegs that were so good they became official remixes. We recently had the chance to ask him about producing bootlegs vs originals, collaborations with Djemba Djemba, What So Not and Carmack and more.

Before we get into the interview, let’s discuss his new EP, Dino Wars. Dropping today on Terrorhythm, Dino Wars raises the bar for the flourishing future bass scene that has sprung up since Ganz’s last release. The combination of searingly clean production values and complex melodic arrangements contained within this release are miles beyond the bland “I’m future too” tracks that fill our Soundcloud streams. In particular, “Dino Wars” and “Trophies” raise Amsterdam to Glasgow’s level, and cement GANZ as a top-tier talent within the scene.

You can read the interview and stream the Dino Wars EP below. Cop it now via Terrorhythm’s Bandcamp.

Who is most influential to you as an artist?

I don’t really have one in particular but a few like Rustie, Hudson Mohawke, Mr. Carmack, What So Not, Lapalux and a few more.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about your live sets, who are your personal favorite artists/DJs to see live?

Love What So Not’s sets a lot because of the big energy and sick breaks and mellow build ups. Also like Carmack’s sets because of the variety of tracks.

You’ve dabbled in a number of different styles the past year, venturing
from your trademark shiny synth-porn, with great results. How would you
classify the sound of Dino Wars?

It’s a bit of a combination from all the stuff I did since the first EP. It has some synths in it but still the vibe is more hip hop.

You mentioned in a 2014 interview with Plastician you had an EP with
Djemba Djemba on the way soon, but that’s the last we’ve heard about it.
Any chance that’ll still see the light of day?

We have a few tracks nearly done and a few we’re still working on a lot because we got both of our projects we have to work on. Too bad I couldn’t hit up with him when I was in LA last month to finish all the other tracks and when he was in The Netherlands last week.

You dropped a couple of fantastic all-original releases in 2013 (PURPLE
CWTCH for Terrorhythm and Kraftschleim for Saturate) but your popularity
didn’t blow up until you dropped your series of high profile bootlegs and
remixes last year. How would you advise budding producers balance bootlegs
and originals in 2015?

All the tracks I did were made because I’d liked to put them out. Not for popularity and so it happened with all the flips that blew up big time so I don’t really have any advise. Some stuff just happens the way they go because I don’t like to plan stuff and make a remix because it will maybe get big.

Finally, what can we expect from you in the future? Any projects/collaborations in the works you can discuss?

The new EP drops on Monday 4/20 and now about to finish my next new EP with hopefully a few cool features on it. Also working on tracks with What So Not at the moment which I will start playing soon during my sets and would love to make a few more tracks with Mr. Carmack and maybe some other people. After I drop the second EP I only want to focus on my album.

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