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October 23, 2013Mike Vincent

There is a massive amount of disposal electronic music being produced as of late, especially with the number of individuals creating their own music. Every so often you’ll come across an artist that outshines the rest by a thousand times. This artist for me currently is 23 year old Amsterdammer GANZ.

His forthcoming EP, PVRPLE CWTCH, while on the short side, has a lot of replay value. “It’s All Good” has a very old school feel with the use of the somewhat retro-esque synth and vocal samples, while simultaneously making me feel like I am in some type of video game dream. If you ever find yourself lost in the purple forest, “Pvrple Forest” is the track for you. It has everything you would need while frolicking in the purple forest: a warm synth to heat up your insides, punchy organic percussion, and a happy-go-lucky melody paired with perfectly placed chopped vocal samples to top it all off. GANZ begins “Get One’s” with a mellow mesmerizing synth, but quickly forces the dancefloor to think creatively thanks to the fat synth breakdown that is introduced quickly after.

GANZ is rising quickly and has already received plays on BBC’s Radio 1 and Plastician’s Rinse.FM show. Expect big things.

You should consider buying PVURPLE CWTCH on November 18th. 

GANZ on Facebook and Soundcloud

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