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Get Bodied by Gunkst and Terrorhythm

March 21, 2015Ben Carvalho

Terrorhythm‘s newest release comes courtesy of Denver’s Gunkst. With a shiny-but-ratchet sound that resides in the gaps between genres, Gunkst is a perfect fit for Terrorhythm’s dot-connecting taste in bass. His Bodied EP (available here) is a perfect taste both of his style and Terrorhythm’s direction as a label.

“B Ball” opens the EP up with heavy 808’s and harsh industrial sonics, perhaps what G Jones would sound like on Fade to Mind. This is followed by the diversely-sampled onslaught of “Pipework”; rumbling horns, waterdrops, a mentasm and the slightest hint of a ha crash are all layered atop an insistent footwork beat for an entrancing three minute journey through 160 bpm. Finally, Bodied is closed out with “Surface”, which cleverly starts at a jackin’ 130 bpm before dropping the beat to halftime and laying down a rolling wall of sub bass. My favorite from the EP, “Surface” brings in some lovely purple synths at the half way point that wrap the whole release up in satisfying style.

Gunkst’s Bodied EP is available on Terrorhythm’s Bandcamp now.
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