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Joker – Digital Mainframe

April 17, 2014Peter Merritt

Hopefully, Joker needs no introduction. As one of the reigning kings of UK dubstep, (specifically a pioneer of what some people consider to be “purple”) he has been absolutely killing the game for the better part of a decade now, while running his label, Kapsize Recordings. The sound that he pioneered in the late 2000’s is making a resurgence, enveloped in the growing popularity of hip-hop influenced bass music, and with this resurgence, his music is becoming more and more relevant, once again. (To some of us, it never lost relevancy.)

Joker uploaded a 4 track EP to Soundcloud many, many months ago, with a claimed release date in December. Obviously, that has not happened, and fans have been fiending for the release all over the world, wondering what the hold-up is. Well, Joker hasn’t released the EP yet (which appears to actually now be an album), but he has decided to throw us a bone!

Today, he released a track (for free download!) entitled “Digital Mainframe”, that apparently did not make the cut for the album. It goes off in the same deep, synth-driven manner, we have all come to expect. The horn and string stabs in the intro set the stage for what develops into an epic rolling bass slapper. Go ahead and cop it below, you won’t be disappointed.

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