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Label Spotlight: Rain Maker

November 16, 2013Zac Krohn

A few months back UK Dubstep badman High Rankin let slip the name of his new house/garage alias, Rain City Riot. Rankin is known for his antics, so when he announced this new alias, I momentarily wondered if this was another pranks. After listening to his first few tracks, it is clear that while he is having lots of fun, Rain City Riot is very much a serious project. Since announcing the project, Rankin has also started the label Rain Maker for house releases. One thing that excites me about Rain Maker is that each release shows a different side of an artist I already know and love. Sometimes an artist trying a new genre can be disappointing, this is the exact opposite. The music is dark, fun and full of interesting beats. Currently there have been two releases on the label, one from Rain City Riot and another from Synthetic Epiphany. I’m looking forward to hear what Rain Maker brings in the new year.

Rain Maker Soundcloud | Rain Maker Facebook

Rain City RiotWaiting For Me (RM001)

8195903Rankin spent over a year developing his sound as Rain City Riot before sharing tracks with the public. His patience shows, his tunes already have the sound of a matured producer and can’t sit still listening to them. Dim is a hypnotic track with dreamy interludes. All Of You Clothes is deep and sexy, I like how the drumming switches between some more basic and complex 4×4 patterns. The EP closes with Waiting For Me which is a darker track  that uses an eerie organ synth. The beat on this one is totally crazy, totally funky and not what I tend to associate with house. Buy on Beatport

Rain City Riot Soundcloud | Rain City Riot Facebook


Synthetic EpiphanyFear (RM002)

8379522Synthetic Epiphany is a UK producer who creates a wide range of music which commonly touches on mellower and melodic elements, mixing acoustic instruments and talented vocalists with intricate drum patterns. Although Fear takes a new direction, continuing with a similar sound to RCR, Synthetic Epiphany proves he is more than capable at producing house. Cats Don’t Know is an upbeat track with bouncy bass and catchy hip-hop vocals. Fear has a deliciously deep and evil bass line which contains just enough bubbly playfulness to keep it dancy. The bass has that hollow wobbly sound that I learned to love through early dubstep, so if that’s your kinda thing you just might find yourself enjoying this one as well. Buy on Beatport

Synthetic Epiphany Soundcloud | Synthetic Epiphany Facebook


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