Lafa Taylor – Not One Thing Video and Interview

August 18, 2015Zac Krohn

Last year rapper/producer Lafa Taylor put out his first LP since 2006, “Not One Thing”. Today Lafa has put out the music video for the title track of this album. Co-Directed by Kyrian Bobeerian of the Fungineers and Lafa himself, this colorful video discusses how people don’t easily fit into a specific stereotypes just because they listen to a certain type of music or hang out with some type of people. Changing up his outfit, backdrop and musical styles to express the different sides of himself, Lafa adds a good dose of humor both in lyrical and visual form. The video begins with a totally black and white color scheme. Lafa is decked out in all black leather clothing, in a room where everything is painted white. As the song progresses Lafa’s outfits and backgrounds become more colorful.

“Not One Thing” is kicking off the first of Lafa’s “Magic Mondays” which will feature weekly offerings from the artist from new tracks to videos, art, and more. We sat down with Lafa to discus a bit about the creation process of the video and what to expect from Magic Mondays.

I think the overall message of “Not One Thing” is something we can all relate to. I’d imagine being in the public eye and being a stylistically diverse musician creates a lot of false perceptions of who you are?

Absolutely! I think it’s very interesting that people are often categorized by the style of music they like to listen to, I often wonder if you listen to gangsta rap, punk rock, electronic music, and phish does that make you a gangster / punk / raver / phish head ? Or can you just be a lover of music.  

In the video we see three distinct personas, who also appear on your new tour promotional materials. Do these different characters represent you both as a person and musician?

For sure! I am definitely a businessman, nerd and rapper and I make music that I would hope appeals to all three however I would like to think it doesn’t stop there. 

You seem to like collaborating a lot, in the past year you’ve released tracks with Polish Ambassador, Bassnectar and Russ Liquid to name a few. This video was a collaboration with Kyrian Bobeerian of the Fungineers, what was it like collaborating on the video? Does this process differ from your musical collabs?

It was a really fun process, both Kyrian and I wore many hats and learned a lot by taking on so much. Kyrian is amazingly creative and we have worked together a lot in the past but never on a music video for one of my tunes. We both offered up some really cool ideas and have a great respect for each others work so the flow was fairly smooth. 

The set design on this video is so incredible! Can you talk a little about the process?

Thank you! We knew that we wanted to create a “house like” set but as the idea progressed it definitely got a bit more artsy and abstract. We spent a lot of time on the “bed room” set but it didn’t get as much screen time as I would have hoped. We actually spent a lot of time and paint on painting the bedroom purple (the color of the final scene) and it didn’t get shown at all! but so it goes. We gathered a lot of the materials for free from free piles and from craigslist posts as well as scooped some important pieces from thrift stores. We were also lent some crucial elements from the homie thomas verde such as his amazing huge balls! The painting took quite some time. Each night after we wrapped for the day we had to repaint the whole set with two paint sprayers (one that didn’t work so well) needless to say we barely slept during the process.

This is the first release of your new content drop “Magic Mondays”. Can you talk a little more about what that’s about and what other types of content we can expect?

I just got really tired of sitting on unreleased material so I wanted to eliminate the routine of creating something then waiting months / years / forever to release it. I also wanted to keep a constant flow of art coming to my fans so they can get a feel for where I’m at and what I’m up to / thinking about on a weekly basis. People can expect songs, beats, videos, freestyles, skits, interviews, stunts, banter and more! 

Anything else you’d like to add?

Thanks for your interest in the project! 

Lets keep making interesting art and supporting positive change!



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