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LAXX – Step Two EP

April 8, 2014Ben Carvalho

Ever since our last awesome interview with the mad genuis LAXX, we’ve been hot for his next release, Step Two. Out now on Never Say Die Records, Step Two EP is an expertly engineered arsenal of dancefloor weapons. Play these tracks on the biggest and best system you can find, and you won’t be disappointed. LAXX has applied his “twitch” formula to each track, mental mids and sizzling screeches fly over a heaving low end tuned for maximum confusion when played out.

In short, the whole EP just sounds fucking great, NSD is on point as always with the mastering, and LAXX adds impressive texture and detail to each moving part within the mix. MUST DIE! also features with a maximal remix of Brainbug, which, while not being our style, will definitely bang up a rave.

Pick up the Step Two EP on Beatport now.

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