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Lido – I Love You EP – The Hype-Train has Reached the Station

June 30, 2014Ben Carvalho

Lido has blown away everyone the first 6 months of 2014 with an unstoppable flow of stellar remixes. Girls love him, dudes love him, producers nerd out over his mixdowns; he’s 2k14’s Flume. Whether it’s his famously unauthorized take on Disclosure‘s Latch, or official remixes for Zhu or S-Type, Lido has shown an expert-level command of sound design, melody, and negative space. Add to his talent the genre-agnostic, lush-loving label Pelican Fly, and you have the recipe for a huge, beautiful EP.

I Love You EP is full of Lido’s trademark smashing chords, textured bass and delicate high notes. Just listen to the breakdown at 1:55 of “I Love You” as a Japanese flute plays to the right, then is mirrored by an 8-bit synth on the left. This is a motif throughout “I Love You” and “I Love You (Part II)” as flutes, piano, slap bass and guitar are surrounded by synthesized swells and crashes, creating a sense of warmth much “epic” bass music lacks. “Money” brings a banging club beat as well, becoming one of the few tracks sure to earn both PLUR hearts and gunfingaz from the crowd. “Lost” rounds out the effort with RnB vocals, an inventive structure and a large dose sub bass.

All-in-all this is a first class EP from bass music’s fastest-rising star, fulfilling the expectations laid by Lido’s remix spree without falling into overly familiar territory. It’s not a knock on his current work to say we expect a lot more from Lido. The man has the skills to follow in Flume or Disclosure’s footsteps and attain mainstream success (with all the positives and negatives that brings).

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