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Lido (you may know him as Trippy Turtle) remixes S-Type – Billboard and we LOVE it

March 27, 2014Ben Carvalho

It’s a badly kept secret that Lido is Trippy Turtle. Pictures of Trippy Turtle on stage happen to look just like Lido, they’re both supposedly close with Cashmere Cat, Lido’s production on LIZ – Y2K is exactly like TT’s… The list goes on, but just trust me here. Anyway, Lido apparently has an EP on the way via Pelican Fly, and it includes this absolute gem of a remix. S-Type – Billboard is a classic tune in it’s own right, somewhere between hip hop and purple, the melody has never gotten old. Lido takes the classic and adds even more gloss and power, slamming gorgeous chords and a minimal booming drop into the mix. This will be euphoric on a system.

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