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Marinate Your Ears in Crunksauce Vol. III

August 14, 2014Ben Carvalho

Northern California’s Chillage Records is a collective of experimental, glitched-out, goop-laden bass artists, unified in their relentless drive to push electronic music to new, weird heights. Filled with artists that also graced our own recent compilation, Crunksauce Vol. III is a testament to the diversity of their sound, ranging from club bangers like SWAGU‘s “Nine To Five” to the melodic mastery of Casual Magic X Hoshaka – “Breakfast”. Other tracks to check include the sound orgy of Perkulat0r & Elevated Mind‘s “Moksha”, the left coast slap of Elevated Mind’s “West Steppin'” and the ass-shaking ascension provided by Urple Eeple‘s “Sojourn Instrumental”.

Do yourself a favor and give this a solid listen-through, there’s a lot to love within these 14 tracks. Crunksauce Vol. III is pay-what-you-want, though they are also working on releasing extremely cheap physical copies of the compilation here.

Follow Chillage Records on Facebook as well, I promise you’ll be hearing more from this crew soon.


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