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Monarch by Shapeshifter (Opiuo Remix)

December 15, 2013Ben Carvalho

Fact: Opiuo is a funk god. From his euphorically sweaty live shows to every glitched-out track, he imbues his craft with a warmness and sense of wonder rare in electronic music. In his Monarch remix, Opiuo has managed to marry the swelling chords and soulful singing of the original with his own upbeat funk rhythms before letting it fade into a blissful soulscape.

Adding to this bliss is the fact it’s a free download, so feel free to rock this on the regular, and be sure to catch this crowd-/mohawk-rocking Kiwi whenever and wherever possible.

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Be sure to check out Shapeshifter‘s heavy soul music (their term) here.

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