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Muramasa and Stookie Sound – RVRE

November 11, 2013Mike Vincent

There is a lot of music flooding the internet that all sounds the same, so it is extremely refreshing to hear tracks such as this. We’ve been following Muramasa for the past few months, and he’s definitely not a producer you want to pass up. His tunes made their way around the festival circuit this past summer, and people are eating it up. His percussion is what really makes his music stand out, creating a unique vibe and sense of space. Oh yeah, and he’s only 17 years old. Stookie Sound and Muramasa partner up for this track, which has been released on Hot Damn Vol. 2 via Hot Damn Records. 

This release can be downloaded at if you sign up for their mailing list.

Muramasa on Facebook and Soundcloud

Stookie Sound on Facebook and Soundcloud


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