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Murlo & JT The Goon – Garden of Eden EP

December 9, 2014Ben Carvalho

Murlo and JT The Goon have gotten a lot of play here this year. Murlo’s recent Into Mist EP and stellar mixes and radio shows are always on repeat, while JT The Goon has put out some beautiful sinogrime on Boxed LDN‘s last two compilations, as well as his Twin Warrios EP on Oil Gang. It is Oil Gang that brings these two glossy grime-heads together here, with a collaborative EP with enough melodic interplay and pillow-y synth leads to rival Rustie‘s most prog productions. If Rustie and Joker make purple music, then Murlo and JT are in the business of pink music; their sound is equally colorful but they’ve traded their lean for caffeine.

Murlo’s remix of JT’s “Twin Warriors” is the highlight of the Garden of Eden EP, its wildly contorting melody matched by staccato kicks and some of the cutest sounds to manifest outside of Yoshi’s Island. Elsewhere, JT The Goon’s “Garden of Eden” is a feel-laden return to the lush womb of mankind and Murlo’s “Cold Stroke” is an icily effective dance weapon. As The Levels Are Very High says, “…Murlo getting mans to dance like girls in the club.”

The Garden of Eden EP is available now from Boomkat and other fine digital retailers.

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