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Om Unit Presents: VA – Cosmology

July 28, 2014Ben Carvalho

Few labels unite us all here at BnC like Om Unit‘s Cosmic Bridge Records. Bringing together jungle, footwork, halftime DnB and hip hop with retro sci-fi vibes and tons of class, Cosmic Bridge releases are a must-buy for our bass nerd crew. Their newest release, a 9-track compilation curated by Om Unit himself, is no exception. From dubstep and grime don Kromestar‘s “VYSTX” to Om Unit and Moresounds‘ junglist footwork-out “Nuff Music, Cosmology is essential listening. It’s so packed with talent, in fact, we had a hard time deciding our favorites, but below four tracks we consider especially vital.

Kromestar – V7 STX

Kromestar’s tune on the compilation will be the most friendly to those listeners inclined towards West Coast bass sounds, but not necessarily familiar with the dark UK jungle/footwork/halftime DnB style. Definitely serving as a good introduction to that vibe, “V7 STX” embarks on its sonic journey with a G-funk synth reminiscent of a 1998 N.W.A beat, twisted up and shot into a deep-space dimension where everything that used to be comfortable and traditional is terrifying and futuristic. It proceeds to roll out a stained shag carpet of bass, with a swung percussive rhythm that brings you right back from Deep Space Southern California to Om Unit’s Western European jungle-juke universe.

Danny Scrilla – X (VIP)

This is what a VIP should be, Danny Scrilla just upgraded the already-stellar “X” in every way. I can’t listen to this without slinking around the room, eyes closed, doing a demented version spirit-fingers to keep the evil at bay. Favorite off the compilation.

EAN – I Bus the Mic

This tune should really be renamed “EPROM Meets Jungle”, because that’s mostly what I’m thinking about every time I listen to it. (That’s DEFINITELY not a bad thing, by the way.) The low end on this one is not for the faint of heart… If you’re looking to go deep, look no further.

Om Unit X Danny Scrilla – Gentrification

Featuring some confused chap named Giles, “Gentrification” is a pleasurable interstellar journey in dub. Imagine hotboxing Apollo 11 with Barrington Levy and you’ve got the right idea.

Every track on this compilation is amazing. These are some favorites, but we’ve been listening to this release all the way through on repeat since it dropped, and I can guarantee that there isn’t a mediocre track on it. Simply put, Om Unit does not fuck around. If there is one release that you buy this year, let it be this one. Cop it below.

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  • Curtis Carney

    August 16, 2014 at 12:42 am

    Shits intense love it all

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