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One Month of High Noon: 19 Tracks from the West Coast’s Trippiest Beat Cypher

March 3, 2015Ben Carvalho

High Noon is a pact between a group of West Coast creatives to complete new pieces of art every week throughout its three month run. Regardless of life’s challenges, the five producers and one visual artist involved have championed through to provide us with a wealth of aural and visual art. The producers here (VNDMG, Chase Manhattan, WERK, SOSAY and LIPSRVC) range in experience and taste, each bringing their own unique flavors the each week’s predetermined theme. What sets this beat cypher apart is the inclusion of Molly Brooks* for the weekly art. In providing a visual theme for each week, she is able to bring continuity to a project that might otherwise be overlooked in a mass of playlists. Below are the themes, art and beats for each week, along with some choice words from the creators.

*Molly Brooks is also the bad ass behind almost all the art and graphic design here at Booms and Claps, and is the exclusive artist for our BnC Mix Series.

HighNoon_001_Flying_generalVNDMG ::
“At first when I thought of flying, my mind took a literal interpretation and thought of feathers. From there, the act of the plumage spreading out — opening up. I tried to capture the intensity and grace of this action and file it under the verbal idea of PLUME”





“The beginning of the track made me think of the type of suspenseful synth stabs you would hear when something is inching towards it’s prey!! then when it dropped I just imagined the venom sinking in and taking full control. Put the listener in a vegetative state.”





Chase Manhattan:
“I had a lot of trouble figuring out where to go with ‘ferment’. And finally I stopped over analyzing it and broke it down: fermentation, to me – is weird. So I grabbed the Moog and made a weird synth patch to build on. The rest fell into place after.”





Chase Manhattan::
“The word of the week was ‘booty’ & I’ve always wanted to do something with this sample from ‘The Pack’.”






Be sure to follow the High Noon Artist Pact on Soundcloud for the other 66% of this cypher.

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