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ONHELL – Simple Stare

September 2, 2014Ben Carvalho

ONHELL recently migrated from Arcata, CA to Oakland, but the stench of Humboldt is still thick upon his beats. Percussion that plinks across the stereo field, turned-up-but-still-sad 808 drops and melancholy vocal chops flow from his newest release, the Simple Stare EP on Muti Music. ONHELL covers a lot of ground with this release, from the billowing low end of “Simple Stare” and “Elle”, to the thoughtfully turnt “Tacenda” and “Catalyst”, this is the work of an artist coming into his own; a statement of intent as well as a showcase of his current abilities. The highlight for most will be “Every Night”, which sets itself apart from standard trap bangers with some slick hi hat work and a standout second drop.

Pick up Simple Stare on Beatport and be sure to follow ONHELL on FacebookSoundcloud and Twitter.

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  • Christian Legaspi

    October 18, 2014 at 1:11 am

    Onhell’s sound gives this ep such a unique luster. I don’t know what kind of synths or plug ins he used on the song ‘you made me’ but the sounds were fresh and quite frankly a personal joy to hear the progression of Onhell’s music. Looking forward to the next one. Great write up Ben.

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