• EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Bricksquash (Cloud-D x Resonant Language)

    December 30, 2014 Peter Merritt

    Colorado has long been one of the most prominent areas in the world for underground bass music (especially of the glitchy variety). Not only does Denver have one of the most crackin’ bass music scenes in the United States, but there was a period when you almost couldn’t go a day without a new Colorado producer popping…

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  • ONHELL’s Making Waves with Mariah Carey and Comicarion Vol. 1

    December 18, 2014 Ben

    ONHELL‘s penchant for making the wettest, plink-iest future bass in the game has elevated him from his Humboldt beginnings to rising star status in the West Coast bass world. ONHELL (real name Angel) has continued his furious bass pace this winter, curating his Phantom Wave Records‘ Comicarion Vol. 1 compilation along with releasing free remix of Mariah Carey‘s “Shake…

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  • Terrorhythm Elements – Topaz (Laetho & Abu Simbel) – Free Download

    December 15, 2014 Ben

    Plastician‘s Terrorhythm Recordings has been perfectly situated for 2014’s grime and purple renaissance. Sitting astride the two genres, Terrorhythm has released golden material from new names such as Parkinson White, Kyle Cook, KRNE and Deon Customs alongside the remastering and remixing of Plastician’s own classic tracks. The newest addition to Terrorhythm’s release schedule is their Elements Series;…

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  • Murlo & JT The Goon – Garden of Eden EP

    December 9, 2014 Ben

    Murlo and JT The Goon have gotten a lot of play here this year. Murlo’s recent Into Mist EP and stellar mixes and radio shows are always on repeat, while JT The Goon has put out some beautiful sinogrime on Boxed LDN‘s last two compilations, as well as his Twin Warrios EP on Oil Gang.…

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  • AWE – Griffin // Triassic

    December 5, 2014 Peter Merritt

    It’s probably safe to say that AWE (aka Zack Urman) has had a decent couple of years. Two years ago, Zack Urman was 18 years old, living in Los Angeles, producing dubstep under the moniker Zaku-Chan. He exploded onto the scene in May of 2013 with his massive EP, “Eagle Soul”, on Terrorhythm Records,  but under a new moniker: AWE. Since then, his music has easily…

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  • Embark on a Cosmic Adventure with Digid

    December 2, 2014 Ben

    Digid has been on our radar since we first heard his mammoth Kromestar-influenced dub “Lion’s Path“. Though he’s previously stuck to a dubby 140 sound palette, Digid’s new Cosmic Adventures EP on Surfase Records sees him following that Kromestar influence to the starry wonder of slowfast. Coined by Om Unit and his Cosmic Bridge stable, the slowfast sound is, at…

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  • Yamaneko – Pixel Wave Embrace LP – Aquatic Grime

    November 24, 2014 Ben

    Nothing gets my nostalgia flowing like water level soundtracks. As the new age serenity of “Dire, Dire Docks” and “Aquatic Ambiance” laid the groundwork for all my future electronic dalliances, it’s no surprise the subaquatic soundscapes of Yamaneko take me somewhere special. Taking inspiration from new age- and meditation tapes as much as from grime, Yamaneko’s debut Pixel Wave…

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  • Experimental Legends of the Fall – 5 New Grime/Club Releases that Set the Tone for 2015

    November 20, 2014 Ben

    It’s been a good year for grime and experimental club music, many words have been written by better writers (check The Astral Plane and Truants) regarding this continuum, so I’ll spare you the philosophizing and Night Slugs name-checking and do what US blogs do best: make a list. Here are five recent releases that are taking…

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  • Commodo ft. JME – “Shift” is out now on DEEP MEDi (+ Bonus Slowed Version)

    November 19, 2014 Ben

    Commodo. JME. DEEP MEDi. Just seeing those three names together is enough to get me all hot and bothered. Commodo is one of the most talked about producers here at BnC due to a flawless record of releases, all showcasing his off-kilter, bass-heavy vision of UK bass. While I’m happy enough just seeing Commodo finally working with an MC,…

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  • Partners in Grime – No Grime or Reason Mixtape

    November 14, 2014 Peter Merritt

    The current “finding new tunes” protocol for the average electronic music listener is as follows: 1. Get on Soundcloud. 2. Listen to each tune for roughly 10-15 seconds, skip ahead to the “drop”, or wherever they perceive the “drop” to be according to the waveform provided by Soundcloud. 3. Repeat for 15-20 tunes. 4. Get…

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