• Phazz – Marble EP

    November 26, 2013 zac

    That feeling when you know you love an artist from the minute you first hear them? That’s exactly how I felt when I came across French producer, Phazz. His debut EP, Marble blends the perfect levels of sexy, soulful, and groovy. Beautiful melodies are fused with intricate hip hop beats making this a great one…

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  • Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo – Kneadin’

    November 22, 2013 Ben

    Dirtybird has been taking over dancefloors all over the world, even here in the typically 4×4-adverse West Coast bass scene. Out this week from Claude Von Stroke‘s label is Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo‘s bassline bruiser Kneadin’. The vocals, “Can’t leave me now, I need you” might not be the most revolutionary of refrains, but…

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  • Spoken Bird- Aqueous Solutions Mixtape (All Original)

    November 18, 2013 Mike Vincent

    Spoken Bird, out of Berkeley, has blessed us with the opportunity to hear his newest all-original mixtape, featuring some unreleased goodies within. He is one of those artists that will absolutely not settle with the status-quo, and has worked relentlessly to find his own unique sound. I was lucky enough to catch his set at…

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  • The Other Side- Numbers

    November 17, 2013 root

    Another release from Saturate Records and it’s on key. The Other Side has released his Numbers EP and it’s chock-full of bangers. After hearing some of his tracks in mixes and wondering who this person was, it’s refreshing to hear the whole EP. Numbers starts off with some intergalactic chill beats and sends you traveling…

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  • Label Spotlight: Rain Maker

    November 16, 2013 zac

    A few months back UK Dubstep badman High Rankin let slip the name of his new house/garage alias, Rain City Riot. Rankin is known for his antics, so when he announced this new alias, I momentarily wondered if this was another pranks. After listening to his first few tracks, it is clear that while he is…

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  • Billy Kenny – Twisted Speaker EP

    November 15, 2013 Ben

    Billy Kenny, after putting out a stream of bass-heavy house and garage remixes the past two years, has embarked on a wholly original effort with his Twisted Speaker EP. While not his first original tracks, they are definitely his finest. Choosing to move away from his more abrasive bassline synths, this EP is full of…

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  • Muramasa and Stookie Sound – RVRE

    November 11, 2013 Mike Vincent

    There is a lot of music flooding the internet that all sounds the same, so it is extremely refreshing to hear tracks such as this. We’ve been following Muramasa for the past few months, and he’s definitely not a producer you want to pass up. His tunes made their way around the festival circuit this…

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  • Shift K3Y – Make It Good

    November 11, 2013 Ben

    Shift K3Y can always be relied upon for tasteful bass music, and Make It Good is no exception. While he received a big boost from dabbling in trap, Shift K3Y keeps this one house-y. Sexed-up vocals and piano give way to a funky groove held together by two equally-catchy basslines. The melodies here aren’t content…

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  • Taiki & Nulight X JME – Jack Up The Tune

    November 9, 2013 Ben

    Taiki & Nulight threw his JME refix up for a free download today. Serious deep bass on this house tune. Taiki & Nulight has really adjusted to the rise of 4×4 the past couple years, check his Soundcloud for a wealth of free bass. Taiki & Nulight on Facebook – Soundcloud

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