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Partners in Grime – No Grime or Reason Mixtape

November 14, 2014Peter Merritt

The current “finding new tunes” protocol for the average electronic music listener is as follows:

1. Get on Soundcloud.

2. Listen to each tune for roughly 10-15 seconds, skip ahead to the “drop”, or wherever they perceive the “drop” to be according to the waveform provided by Soundcloud.

3. Repeat for 15-20 tunes.

4. Get distracted by Facebook.

This protocol isn’t exactly geared towards the age-old art form of the “mixtape.” Many artists don’t bother making mixes, because, their fans often don’t have the attention span to make it through the first ten minutes. So, when we come across a mix that’s worth the time, it’s safe to say we’re excited.

Partners in Grime is the collaborative project of Seattle DJ’s Pressha and Kat1lyst, and their most recent mix definitely falls into the category of “worth the time.” With a tracklist featuring artists ranging from the heavy bass of Zeke Beats to the smooth, soulful, 808-based Sweater Beats to the self–described “purple” sound of Dub Scout, their “No Grime or Reason” mix definitely covers all the bases. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the mix starts with one of our favorite unreleased G Jones tunes, a collaboration with Grimblee/Hecka entitled “Girl Scout Cookies”. The mix is available to stream/download below.


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