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PEGA5U5 – The Flock

November 12, 2014Zac Krohn

Back when I was originally discovering bass music, one of the first releases that really grabbed my attention was Mr. RogersOoze System. I was enamored by the unique blend of silly carnival sounds and psychedelic glitchyness. Since then, Mr. (Doramey) Rogers has continue to solidify himself as a staple of the West Coast Bass scene, bringing his sound as far across the world as Australia and Croatia. He has also booked some of the best talent in the biz at events in his Nevada City home town and The Next Big Festival.

As it turns out, Doramey’s brother, was simultaneously making a name for himself in the underground Hip Hop world under the alias Agustus thElefant. Agustus is a founding member of Lostribe, who, despite their lack of mainstream recognition have collaborated with greats such as Talib Kweli, Gift of Gab, The Grouch and more. Lostribe were also invited to help score the soundtrack for the Afro Samurai video game, put together by the legendary RZA. Mr. Rogers fans will also recognize Agustus as a long time collaborator, appearing on a few of his older tracks including the seminal Bird Box.

About a year ago I noticed the the two had been collaborating together more intensely. Mr. Rogers brought Agustus, now going by Pharroh, along for his set at Raindance 2013. I was really blown away with the material they performed together. To be entirely honest a surprise MC is usually not my favorite thing, but the result was new dimensionality to one of my favorite acts. Pharroh’s unique flow and fun lyrics meshed well with Mr. Roger’s weird squishy sounds. I could immediately tell they were on to something and have been anxiously awaiting recorded material ever since.

The time has finally come as the two converge under the name PEGA5U5, a project they describe as “30 years in the making”. Their debut release, The Flock, spans several genres but has a heavy dose of funk and a liberal dash of weird throughout. They feature several other artists as well, including The Fungineers, Cello Joe and Zapper. PEGA5U5 have achieved a balanced approach, showcasing each brothers talent without letting either dominate. Although the blend of hip hop and dance music is far from original, this direction they have taken feels very fresh and different to me.

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