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Powered by Inspected – Free Album Full of the Biggest Names in Bass Music

October 30, 2014Ben Carvalho

*Note: I realize this came out at the beginning of the month, but it’s been a crazy month, please forgive my tardiness.

The minds behind Inspected have been promoting well-produced and innovative bass music for years. Whether it’s the gnarliest dubstep and neuro or the smoothest future bass, I’ve always had confidence whatever they’re pushing is worth my time. The Powered by Inspected compilation is no different, there are very few labels able to collect so many big names under one (free!!!) release. There’s bountiful heaviness from Inspected-favorites Culprate, Emperor, Habstrakt, Skope and Teknian alongside smooth and intricate numbers from current hot commodities such as DIVERSA and Sam Gellaitry.

With so many quality tracks, I want to call attention to a few of my favorites:

Opal City – Past Lives
If I was going to show the average person one track off this comp it’d be “Past Lives”. Smooth and well produced, I’m just impressed with everything about this little ditty.

Sorrow – Patchwerk
Easily my favorite track here (I’m a sucker for those double time wobbles) Sorrow took what could have been a straight forward “Under Control” homage, slowed it down, and added tons of atmosphere. Gunfingers mandatory.

Vanilla – Suede
Everything about this is just smooth, the artist name, the title… I want this to soundtrack my entire life. Genres come and go, but the funk will never die.

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You can stream/download the entire comp below:

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