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Premiere: TWiN SCALE – Freak Til I Die

February 10, 2015Zac Krohn

TWiN SCALE is a fresh new project from LA based brothers Steven and Sean Jeria. Although they have been releasing music separately for the past year, Sean under his given name, and Steven as AWRY, they just released their first track last week. It’s not often we get something in our inbox from a completely brand new artist that really catches our attention and we’re excited to bring to light their second track, “Freak Til I Die”.

“Freak Til I Die” is a dance floor anthem for all the fun loving freaks. A high energy 808 beat drives the song with deep booming kicks and sharp claps. A springy synth playfully bounces around adding a little funk to the mix. One can be sure its catchy glitched out vocal track will get the crowd singing along.

I find it very interesting how much “Freak Til I Die” contrasts TS’s first track, which just popped up on Howl and Echoes last week. A remix of Wolf Colony’s “The One”, the track touches on a more psychedelic downtempo indie sound. It’s anyone’s guess what the next tracks from Twin Scale will sound like, but it’s clear that there’s some great talent in this family.

Twin Scale Facebook | Soundcloud

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