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[PREMIERE] BSN Posse – Magic Portal (ft. Metafloor)

May 21, 2020Peter Merritt

If you’ve been following the sounds of footwork, juke, and 160 bpm bass music for a while now, you’re surely familiar with Spain-based producer duo BSN Posse. Although footwork obviously has its roots in Chicago, the BSN Posse boys have been influential in bringing that sound to a global audience, especially in Europe, while paying proper respect to the originators of the culture. Their own record label, Iberian Juke, has broken tons of new European 160 bpm artists, while their productions have found a home on legendary imprints such as Fracture’s Astrophonica and Pixelord’s Hyperboloid Records.

While footwork is known for its frenetic rhythmic patterns and high-energy beat structure, BSN Posse manages to work within that framework to create a sound that’s much smoother, with roots in jazz and soul just as much as rap and jungle. That sound shines through in today’s premiere, which comes to us in the form of “Magic Portal”, a collaboration with Booms and Claps favorite, Calgary-based producer/DJ Metafloor. Pull this one up for a bike-ride on a sunny day, and be sure to cop the full EP release, entitled “Rituals” when it drops this Friday, 5/22/2020 on Defrostatica Records here.

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