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PREMIERE: Danny Corn – “Bubbles” (Forthcoming on “Wanderers” EP)

July 1, 2016Peter Merritt

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything on the production front from Portland, OR’s hometown hero Danny Corn, so when he told me he had an EP coming out this month when I ran into him at What the Festival a few weeks ago, it’s safe to say I was excited. (I was also probably pretty excited because I had just witnessed him absolutely smash his early Saturday evening set on the Effin’ Stage.) Danny has always been one of my favorite producer/DJ’s on the West Coast, due to his eclectic taste and wide range of influences. Over the years, Danny has solidified himself as a bass music staple through countless festival and club sets, collaborations with heavy hitters like G Jones, his commitment to developing the scene, and a wealth of forward-thinking production. Additionally, his curation work at Symbiosis Festival has always been nothing short of impressive; always light years ahead of the curve of other California festivals. Danny was also an early supporter and affiliate of the legendary Bay Area Frite Nite label, and his track on the 2011 compilation, Surreal Estate, is still a West Coast classic. Although it’s been years since the heart-breaking dissolution of the label, any producers or DJs who were even remotely affiliated are definitely still persons of extreme interest for those of us at Booms and Claps (that’s right, go ahead and pour one out for our fallen queen Frite Nite), so any time Danny makes moves, we’re paying attention.

Danny has come a long way since that time, and his production has too. These days, if you’re lucky enough to see Danny Corn live, you’ll notice a heavy dancehall influence in his sets, and that certainly shines through in his recent original music as well. The forthcoming Wanderers EP sounds like a modern dancehall re-imagination of the classic Frite Nite West Coast hip-hop beat music vibe. In fact, the first time I heard “Bubbles” (Track #2 on the release), my exact words were: “Is this an EPROM dancehall track?” With this release, Danny really explores the 90-100 BPM range, which is something many bass music producers are hesitant to do nowadays after the horrific “twerk” disaster of 2014. The dancehall/cumbia influence totally transforms that tempo range, however, and takes us far away from Brillz territory and drops us off in a Corn-field of minimal, well-produced, bass music with a mid-tempo flow. His expert blending of genres is unique and refreshing: these beat structures are not commonly heard in West Coast bass music, and it truly gives me great joy to see someone stepping outside of the box and leading the scene in a new direction.

Without further ado, I’m excited to present the latest single from Danny’s forthcoming Wanderers EP, “Bubbles”. Stream the single below, and make sure to cop the full release when it drops next Tuesday, July 5th, via Danny’s Bandcamp.

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