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[PREMIERE] GREAZUS – Lie Lie feat. Magugu

March 26, 2019Peter Merritt

If you’ve been following Booms and Claps for a while, you certainly remember the huge guest mix from Greazus we released back in 2016. As many of you know, British Columbia’s bass music scene holds a special place in our hearts, and Greazus embodies that scene perfectly. They’re big favorites at Shambhala and Bass Coast Festival, and if you find yourself at an incredible underground bass music party in Vancouver, they probably had something to do with it. Their Aufect Recordings imprint is heavily represented by British Columbia artists and has been instrumental in spreading the original sounds of the area to the international community.

While they have a strong presence in the Canadian music scene as tastemakers and performers, they’re just as valuable in the studio as they are on the stage. After some big releases over the past few years on labels like Diffrent MusicVandal LTDCritical MusicSaturate Records, and Halogen Music, they’re returning with their first full-length offering, entitled “Golden Hour” via their own Aufect Recordings imprint. Today’s premiere comes to us in the form of the frigid icy grime vocal collaboration with Magugu, “Lie Lie”. We first became aware of Magugu through his work with the ever-mysterious Stagga, but have since seen him featured on tunes with everyone from Shiftee to Tony Quattro. His smooth and droning flow is bold with a hint of cheekiness and dripping with swag, and his contribution on “Lie Lie” is no different. As his playful ad-libs float in over the glacial synth lead from Greazus, a feeling of numbing cold spreads through the body and Magugu takes us to his land of “Pidgin Rap”. Without further ado, we’re proud to present Greazus & Magugu’s “Lie Lie”, forthcoming April 4th on the debut Greazus full-length LP “Golden Hour” on Aufect Recordings.

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