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Raindance 2014 Celebrates 10 Years Of West Coast Festival Culture

May 26, 2014Zac Krohn


I think we all have that one special moment where we fell head-over-heel for this beautiful corner of the music scene. For me, it was the summer of 2009 in the Santa Cruz mountains at the Raindance Campout. Raindance was notably smaller than other events I had been to, it had a very intimate feel and is the type of festival where you’ll see performers hanging out, dancing among the crowd, all weekend long. Their original location at Camp Cutter in the Santa Cruz mountains was a beautiful place with a legendary pool party, cozy lodge and main stage which featured the crystal clear frequencies of a Funktion One sound system. The lineup consisted of strong international acts as well as local favorites. Back then, I only knew a handful of artists on the bill, but I came home with twice as many new names to look up. A number of my friends had already been attending Raindance for several years and we amassed a camp of great homies. Every year since, Raindance has been the one festival where all my festie fam makes a point of coming together to play, learn, connect, and dance. New people join our camp every year, and almost all return the following years with enthusiasm.

Through the years the lineup and location change, but the Raindance team has worked hard to maintain that small party vibe. Every year I am totally blown away by the love and creativity this crew puts into transforming their location into an imaginative playground. It takes some extra special magic to keep things the same without letting them get boring.

“The term “transformational festival” was not even a buzz word when we started. We just knew we were on to something special. We knew it deserved to be nurtured and cultivated, and yet had no idea that ten years later there would be so many amazing festivals, and that the West Coast would become a trendsetter for conscious gathering evolution. While we strive to continually up the ante by showcasing the most brilliant talent, maintaining a stellar production and creatively approaching every aspect of our event, we are FUNdamentally committed to the unrestrained beauty of our community and an open and welcoming vibe to all who genuinely come to participate.”

In just under two weeks Raindance is celebrating the 10th anniversary of their campouts and will be pulling out all the stops. This year brings us perhaps the most epic lineup and location yet. The festival has moved to Belden Town, a beautiful old mining town in Plumas County, California. I just visited this spot for the first time during Emissions and was really blown away. In addition to it’s beauty, there is lots of shade, the feather river to swim in, a small store in town that sells ice snacks and a some other things you might need, and a train that rolls through daily.

As always, the Raindance lineup is incredibly diverse. This festival has always catered to both house and bass heads. This year, psy-trance master Simon Posford will be headlining the festival with a Shpongle DJ set. House acts include Worthy, J.Phlip, Waifs and Strays, Christian Martin, and Pumpkin. Fans of the wonky sound we love here at BnC will be getting down to Eprom, G Jones, and Mr. Rogers. There will also be some great chiller acts such as Bluetech, Kalya Scintilla, and Plantrae. Randaince Crew sets will include Little John, Digital Honey, Dax Lee, and a rare set from Timmonkey….I could go on and on. Check out the whole lineup, it’s out of control! (Also be sure not to miss staff favorite Perkulat0r, who just released a track on our compilation and blew away the crowd at Emissions).

Raindance will also be providing workshops for yoga, flow arts, and knowledge enthusiasts.

Don’t miss out on this special festival that’s been keeping the small family style going strong for 10 years. If you’ve ever considered attending Raindance, this is the year to go!


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