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Sam Gellaitry puts out “Short Stories” on Soulection

February 23, 2015Mike Vincent

Meet Sam Gellaitry, an 18 year old music production prodigy from across the pond in Scotland who’s been wowing us with his productions over the past year. Besides the fact that he was born in 1997 (we’re getting old aren’t we?), he is a prime example of how electronic music producers give a big middle finger to the traditional electronic music sound nowadays. Want to toss in some house? No problem. Soul? Sure. Hip hop? Of course.

Sam’s newest release, Short sammmgggStories, has all of that and more. He is currently riding on a massive wave as Soulection’s poster child, and his momentum is sure to increase in the coming months. Give this a listen and think about purchasing this, because these tunes aren’t going to get old anytime soon.

Buy Short Stories HERE. Well worth the 5 dollars, trust me.


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