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Saturate’s Mondaze Finest Freebies – Ranked By Dankness

January 12, 2016Ben Carvalho

Now that our friends at Saturate Records and Clap Your Feet have finished off another season of generous Monday morning downloads, it’s a good time to have a little post-game roundup on the offerings. I know I missed a bunch of these, so consider this a PSA to all bass music junkies needing a free fix. These rankings are scored on dankness, which means I just pulled the order out of my ass. Ranking just sounds better because humans love conflict.

SMKSGNLS — Dagobah
Another good reason to rank these is that I can now clearly show this is the best one. Huge kicks, sensual arp work and a Star Wars reference to boot. SMKSGNLS has balls to make music with a name so overtly hostile to SEO. Do more ballsy stuff like this SMKSGNLS.

Melle Jutte – Clean
An appropriate name, as this just gleams like Mr Clean’s bald head. Shiny synths and gritty basses flow in harmony over its club/grime bones. I’m greedily awaiting a proper EP from Melle Jutte, everything I’ve heard is talent.

Pleasure – Freak Out
So West Coast, vacillates between paranoid and bat-shit-crazy better than Trump. Perfect for sending trippers into that drug-induced psychosis they subconsciously crave.

Kijk Een Ster – Freedom (ft. Gregg Green)
The oddball of this collection, “Freedom” is smooth and features words that weren’t even sampled! Gregg Green’s voice is a pleasure on this track, which is over far too soon.

Moniker & Wolf-e-Wolf – Tomato 8
Trap banger, the barks and… I’m not sure what animal makes that other sound… really take this beyond #basic to something worth playing out.

Banganagangbangers – The Cycle (Dev79 Remix)
Love the purple touches and that buoyant sub work, this just sounds BIG.

Luisterwaar & The OriGinALz – Sky High
Keeps the purple vibe from The OriGinALz’s last EP, triumphant tune that’d play out well almost anywhere.

Boats – Honey Dipped
Producer by day, menagerie of maritime motor-craft by night; Boats floats upon a frothy sea of purple beats and I’m always down to ride. The little wubwub adds teeth to what’s otherwise a solid interlude track.

VNDMG — Low Fade
I spent the entire track trying to figure out what that dude is saying, still not sure but it sounds like there’s a mosquito in my ear and I like it.

Sayer – Process Animation (Ethan Glass Remix)
That middle section has a good groove, and there’s a mean NastyNasty-esque attack going on here, but I’m left wishing the mix just popped a bit more.







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