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Sayer & Bleep Bloop – Trample Dem

October 22, 2014Mike Vincent

Much to our satisfaction, California-based producers Sayer and Bleep Bloop have been conjuring up some absolutely bonkers material in the studio recently. Yesterday they dropped “Trample Dem” and, after scraping your broken body off the floor, you’ll find this title to be more than appropriate. The ever-changing lead synth is reminiscent of the climax of a terrifying horror film, wherein the main character is running for their life. That synth paired with the attention-seeking snare creates the eerie vibes that we have come to love over here at Booms And Claps. Rumor has it that these two are sitting on some other tunes, so make sure to follow both of these dudes on Soundcloud.

Follow Bleep Bloop on Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter.

Follow Sayer on Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter.

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