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SAYER – NO EYED DEER (Free Download)

May 15, 2014Ben Carvalho

File this under “Songs That Make You Go ERRGHHH.” SAYER is at it again, with his newest tune, a free download in partnership with 710 ЯE₵ORƉS. “NO EYED DEER” starts with juked out kicks before slamming into some half-time minimal trap antics. SAYER manages to increase the pressure throughout, adding a searing synth to the second drop along with some slick drum work.

Pick up “NO EYED DEER” from SAYER’s Facebook page, while you’re at it follow him on Twitter and Soundcloud as well, he’s got more tasty beats and clever titles up his (nonexistent) sleeves. Catch him at Emissions Festival this weekend as well, as along with most of the BnC crew!

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