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Sayer releases Process Animation via Saturate Records

July 7, 2015Dylan Grytness

Ever since I first became acquainted with Sayer’s music a few years ago in a bus in Southern Oregon, I have leaped at every opportunity to appreciate his tunes. If you aren’t aware of his sound, it is reminiscent of over-fueling the boiler in a steamship until it reaches criticality, and once its speed has peaked, rivets and bolts are flying off in all directions as the steamship smashes into another steamship doing the exact same.

After months anticipating this EP’s release, it’s safe to say Process Animation was worth the wait. Process Animation feels like you are falling through a synth-laden abyss, waxed over with guttural 808 basslines, and perfectly placed snares that smack you back into reality harder than a palm full of smelling salts.

I picked the perfect time to experience this EP,  I was on a 6 AM commute on I-5, the sun rose over the Cascade Mountains and the opening track “Blink” snapped me awake more than coffee was ever able to. It is a perfect example of the punishing noises this snaresmith has to offer. The energy did not falter in the following tracks, with the title track, “Process Animation”, keeping the pace rolling and then “Kanellos” offering massively crunched-out horns. As for “Steady Fade” featuring BOATS, just whoa. Same for “Dukes” with Bleep Bloop, just pure burliness. “Glossolalia” really epitomized the synth-abyss description. Lastly but not leastly was “Glassjaw”, which really tied the whole thing together.

Wrapping up Process Animation we are granted 6 remixes from a variety of Booms and Claps favorites who offer their own flair to the flavors of Sayer. I was especially stoked on the “Kanellos” remix by Luisterwaar, whom I personally had never heard of prior to listening.

Sayer will be playing at Konnexion Festival the weekend of the 17th in Ola, Idaho, and July 30th weekend in Belden, California at Stilldream Festival, as well as Olympia and Oakland around those dates, July 3rd and 24th, respectively.

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