Seapora – Seapop

September 28, 2015Zac Krohn

Seapora, is the voice of Annie Jacobsen, a Northern California musician who credits the state’s contrasting urban and natural landscapes as inspiration. Her newest release, Seapop, out earlier this month on Chillage Records, is a musical journey through this singers artistry, three years in the making. Seapop is the first of her three part Multidimensional Being Project. She describes her vision of the project as a combination of “multiple genres, eclectic styles and various lyrical concepts. I want to take my fans on an enjoyable musical journey and connect all of us through a myriad of sounds.”

Seapop brings an eclectic collection of tracks that showcase the range and power of Seapora’s voice. The album covers everything from housey 80’s pop throwbacks to glitchy bass music. For those of you familiar with Chillage Records, Seapop brings something a different; from the dreamy pop sound of Rocketship to the undulating dance floor rhythm of Stop The Show and Cross The Line. You may also recognize some reinterpretations of classic goopy Chillage tracks produced by Elevated Mind, Spoken Bird, and Urple Eeple.

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