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Shambhala 2016 Is Just Around The Corner

July 28, 2016Mike Vincent

Many of us will be descending upon Salmo River Ranch, British Columbia, one of the most beautiful music festival properties in North America, to attend Shambhala Music Festival next weekend. This family-run and -owned affair turns a whopping 20 years old this year, ascending to a level every other festival in north america can only dream of. Each of the 6 stages are run and operated by different teams that are responsible for the lineups, vibes, and stage designs. While most festivals have designated areas for showcasing art, at Shambhala the stages ARE the art. It’s an experience that can truly only be understood by walking through the grounds.

While each of the stages have inconceivable lineups in their own respects this year, we want to highlight the stage that especially coincides with our taste: The AMPhitheatre. This stage has seemingly taken upon the role of booking (what we think) to be some of the more forward thinking sounds in the bass music scene. Last year people who showed up early Thursday were graced by sets from Space Jesus, G Jones, and Bleep Bloop. It was the only stage running that night, so everyone was there, hearing those perfectly tuned PKs in all their glory. This year’s lineup is incredibly stacked, including an official showcase from one of favorite records labels, Saturate Records, on Sunday afternoon followed by Shades, TroyBoi, Yheti, and Bleep Bloop. And that’s just Sunday. Check out the mix that Zeke Beats and Bios did for us here.  It seems as if they’ve also made a point to book some fresh and upcoming European talent on the lineup. Take a look at it below, as there are way too many dope artists to only recommend a few.


That being said, there is some absolutely bonkers music booked on other stages this year. We had a phenomenal time last year over at the Grove Stage last year, which tends to focus on the deeper sounds that we adore.

Tickets completely sold out before the lineup was even revealed this year. That’s how much people revere this festival. However, if you’re still keen on making it out, I have seen a number of tickets for sale in the last few days. We hope to see you all out on the ranch with us soon!

Check out Shambhala‘s website here.

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