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Snubluck – Growth

December 7, 2013Zac Krohn

Growth is the title of Snubluck’s new EP off Far Arden Recordings. Although not a name I was familiar with previously, I am really excited by this Denver based producer. Combining the proper ratio of mellow and weird, Growth has a lazy day feel, something you put on the morning after staying out all night. Snubluck warps his trippy melodies into smooth syrup and polishes it off with a warm fuzzy finish. At times, his fluttering synths sound like robots singing in alien languages. Frequent tempo changes leave the listener unable to guess where tracks will go next. Growth reminds me of a cross between 123mrk and Thriftworks, and I highly recommend it to fans of both!

Snubluck Facebook | Soundcloud
Far Arden Recordings Facebook | Soundcloud

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