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Spoken Bird – How Old Is The Wind?

October 20, 2014Zac Krohn

Earlier this month one of my favorite lesser known Bay Area producers, Spoken Bird released EP, How Old Is The Wind. Alex Gonzalez, the man behind the bird, is a founding member of the Chillage People Collective, who champion a “goopy” sound; thick gurgling bass lines entwined with chill atmospheres that make you groove. Although he has appeared on several releases either adding goop to remixes or collaborating with fellow Chillage members, this is his first release that is completely his own. I’ve been following Alex’s music for a few years now and am really excited to finally see his first EP come to light.

As with much of his previous work, How Old Is The Wind has a heavy West Coast influence that branches out internationally. In just four short tracks it flows between dancy and introspective. Melodies are gently plucked on an eclectic array of instruments and slathered with luscious resonating bass. He tops it off with crisp percussion, adding wonderful dimensionally to the spacey bits. Released on Chillage Records as pay what you want, How Old Is The Wind is not to be missed if you love chill bass music!

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