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Spoken Bird – Liquid Soul Mantra

February 10, 2016Zac Krohn

Following up from his 2014 debut EP, How Old Is The Wind? Spoken Bird brings us three squishy tracks on his latest EP, “Liquid Soul Mantra”, released on Street Ritual. A founding member of Northern California based Chillage Records, Alex Gonzalez is known for his signature full bodied bass which speaks it’s own melody, gurgling and buzzing organically.

Two parts dancy with a liberal dash of introspective Liquid Soul Mantra is a well rounded collection of tracks that weave together layers of goopy bass, laser bubbles, crisp percussion and rhythmic melodies. The compositions are complex without incurring glitch hop induced  brain overload. Liquid Soul Mantra shows long-time Spoken Bird fans how much effort Alex has invested in refining his own personalized recipe for some seriously tasty West Coast crunk sauce.

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