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Stev’s Elsewhere EP ends first year of Loci Records with a bang!

December 10, 2013Zac Krohn

Last December, Loci Recordings, started by Emancipator, put out their first release, Tor’s Drum Therapy. The album really blew me away, and snuck in as a last minute favorite of 2012. Drum Therapy has a very organic feel to it, constructed of mostly acoustic instruments yet arranged in a format more similar to dance music. In January, Emancipator put out his own highly acclaimed LP, Dust to Dawn. (Watch for a review of Dust to Dawn in our end of the year wrap up)

Ending their first year with a bang, Emancipator brings us more amazing talent from Italian producer Stèv on his Elsewhere EP. Although distinct in his own way, Stèv clearly hails from the same realm as Tor and Emancipator, looping live instrumentation, field recordings, and a few computer noises to create gorgeous downtempo electronic music. In his own words, Stèv describes his work as “music for daydreaming”. This is a great soundtrack for pondering, and invites the listener to paint detailed pictures in their mind. Stèv’s intricate beats are both fascinating and fun, at times Elsewhere will make you want to calmly gaze up at the stars, at times it will make you want to dance at their beauty.

Stèv Facebook | Soundcloud
Loci Recordings Facebook | Soundcloud


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