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Subp Yao – City of Dreams

September 24, 2014Mike Vincent

Last week Dutch producer Subp Yao dropped City of Dreams on us, and it’s a heavy hitter. If you’re a fan of trap, future bass, and/or club music then this is a release you definitely should give a chance. City of Dreams is his first EP release on the Dutch label and artist collective Doggtown, which consists of the highly talented crew Guerilla Speakerz, BoeBoe, GANZBeauDamian, and of course Subp Yao.  “The Great Wide Opening” starts things off proper with dreamy, airy synths, contrasted with deep bass (my SubPac almost knocked me out of my chair) and punchy percussion. “Sum Sum” is another highlight, with dOOp on that eerie vocal game; the dancefloor is sure to go crazy at the two minute mark in the most unusual ways when that moist laser beam is introduced. “What It Do” is the most out-there in terms of sound design, the track itself seems to be sentient in nature, speaking to you in some type of bass-laden alien language. “So Wild”, the most exuberant and genre-bending track on the release, is perfect to close out the listening session with its Latin American flavors, horn stabs and what seem to be the sounds of sex. Be sure to support Subp Yao by purchasing City of Dreams on Juno, Beatport, or iTunes!

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