• The OriGinALz – Vanilla Cake Island EP

    July 30, 2015 Ben

    California’s The OriGinALz have been regulars on the West Coast festival circuit for a good while, but their past dalliances in bass music are seriously out-shined by the purple majesty of their latest EP on Saturate Records. Maybe they’ve been keeping their best material on lock for a proper label, or maybe Saturate just inspired them to…

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  • BnC Mix 007: Moniker

    May 25, 2015 Ben

    My first exposure to Moniker came via our first BnC Mix, courtesy Bios and Zeke Beats. “Bogus” came in after Zeke’s infamous “Drugz”, and held its own with a banging beat and some of the glitchiest arcade bleeps in the game. I was worried this beat was lost when their laptop was stolen late last year, wiping away…

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  • Anton F and Terrorhythm Get Swaggy for Spring

    May 19, 2015 Ben

    Anton F is a unique character, he’s not content to let a good banger go unchanged, preferring to shift and mold his productions in unexpected directions. As he showed on his first Terrorhythm release in 2013, one can turn up and turn down at the same time, and his raucous rhythms are best when intertwined with downtempo melodies. This interplay of conflicting energy levels is present…

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  • Mad Zach – Quantum Shock EP Review

    May 7, 2015 Ben

    It’s been a furious year for Mad Zach. Having already dropped his stellar Kräftig EP and fire remixes of DJ Pound and Frenquency, Zach is capping off his winter streak with a big offering on the home of this weird bass sound, Saturate Records. While Mad Zach may not have the fame of G Jones or Bleep Bloop (both of whom feature here),…

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  • Get Bodied by Gunkst and Terrorhythm

    March 21, 2015 Ben

    Terrorhythm‘s newest release comes courtesy of Denver’s Gunkst. With a shiny-but-ratchet sound that resides in the gaps between genres, Gunkst is a perfect fit for Terrorhythm’s dot-connecting taste in bass. His Bodied EP (available here) is a perfect taste both of his style and Terrorhythm’s direction as a label. “B Ball” opens the EP up with heavy…

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    February 24, 2015 Ben

    When I received some massive and mysterious test masters in my inbox from Saturate Records last week I desperately messaged them, “Who made these untagged bangers?!” One word appeared in the answer: “BANGANAGANGBANGERS“. An alliance of 5 like-minded dudes from The Netherlands, BANGANAGANGBANGERS is the metaphysical manifestation of their collective desire to bang. Whether they’re slaying crowds or…

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  • Mura Masa – Lotus Eater (Free Download)

    October 27, 2014 Ben

    We’ve been fans of young Mura Masa since we heard his tracks played out at the ill-fated Trill God “festival”. His off-kilter, clanking beats have been progressing in quality ever since; every new upload revealing more of the obvious talent at Mura Masa’s fingertips. Mura Masa’s latest track comes to us free, courtesy of UK radio legend…

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  • ConRank – Exhale Therapy EP is a Breath of Fresh Air

    October 1, 2014 Ben

    If I were to play bass music matchmaker, I couldn’t come up with a better couple than Saturate and ConRank. They’ve had a couple flirtations in the past, but now things are serious and this is one couple sure to keep the neighbors up all night. Representing the UK, via Shanghai, ConRank has already served up 808 bliss for bass…

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  • Bleep Bloop – Feel The Cosmos EP

    September 10, 2014 Ben

    August 15th, most of the Booms and Claps crew converged on Portland, Oregon to partake in a holy sacrament of bass administered by the Reverend Bleep Bloop. Though he shared the stage with fellow men of the cloth Eprom, Buku and Yheti, Bleep Bloop’s space-bass orgy made the biggest impression of them all. The sheer power of his 808 drops…

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  • EXCLUSIVE: Jason Derulo – Wiggle (Humpfree LowGart Remix)

    June 17, 2014 Mike Vincent

    You know those tracks that destroy dance floors? Let us introduce you to Humpfree LowGart‘s remix of Jason Derulo’s “Wiggle”. This tune has been making its way up and down the west coast recently, and we think you’ll agree it’ll inspire you to get LOW. When the beat drops, we can’t help but envision ourselves twerking…

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