Ten Must-See Artists at What The Festival 2015

June 14, 2015Mike Vincent


In just under a week, people from all over the West Coast and the rest of country will be flocking to Wolf Run Ranch, in Dufur, Oregon for one of our favorite festivals in existence. If you’ve been following us for a while you know that this festival holds a very special place in our hearts over here at BnC. We’ve put together a little list of some of the acts we are absolutely not going to be missing, and you probably shouldn’t either.

1. Troyboi – This dude is arguably one of the most anticipated acts at the festival this year. Coming all the way over the Atlantic from London to grace us with his presence, his set is definitely not one to miss. You may know Troy from his role in the production duo Soundsnobz with icekream, or from his signature watermark “T-R-O-Y-B-O-I”. Troy takes a very different approach to “trap” music, pulling inspirations from all over the globe and combining it with the modern sounds we’re accustomed to currently, and spitting out some impressively clean production.

2. The Librarian – Andrea Graham AKA The Librarian really shouldn’t need an introduction. Founder of Bass Coast Festival, prominent West Coast DJ/Producer, and all around queen of swag, The Librarian is inspiring to anyone who aspires to make something of themselves in the music industry. Her aesthetic is sleek and minimal, just like her DJ sets. She allows “a little to go a long way”, as the saying goes. There are no gimmicks involved when it comes to Andrea, no grabs for attention, no compromises on quality for the sake of popularity. Her focus is simple: quality bass music.

3. Stwo – A member of the legendary Huh What and Where label alongside the likes of Kaytranada and Ta-ku, this 22-year old Parisian producer has captured the hearts and minds of millions of people all over the globe with his infectious melodies, sexy lyrics, and knocking 808s.  He’s been able to create his own unique sound that rides the fine line between beautiful and gangster; that’s the stuff we do like. Do. Not. Miss.

4. PRSN – I’m not sure if it’s the clean air, the gloomy climate, or perhaps there’s just something in the water, but the Pacific Northwest BREEDS talented DJ’s. The local talent pool is deep and vast, especially in the hubs of Portland and Seattle, but as you might imagine, there are a few gems that outshine the rest. One of those sparkling gems is Portland-based Bryce Lowell, AKA PRSN. His sets are dynamic and varied; dance-floor oriented but not banger-focused. His flow is impeccable, his mixing style is clean, and he even has stage presence to boot. His contemporary take on dancehall with an influence of bass music, footwork, hip hop and autonomic steez is more than refreshing in our current scene, it’s borderline unprecedented. There are very few DJ’s out there doing what PRSN is doing, and for that reason, it would be a crucial misstep on your part to miss his set next weekend.

5. Chrome Wolves – You may know of Chrome Wolves, AKA Andrew Chrome, from his very successful remixes of Active Child’s “Hanging On” and Purity Ring’s “Obedear” from a few years back. He’ll be holding it down for Portland-based artist collective We Got This on the Equinox stage on Saturday night, followed by Great Dane, Troyboi, and Tincup. You know where to find us on Saturday. Andrew is an incredibly versatile DJ; throw him on the decks in practically any setting and he will excel. I’d have to guess he’s not going to hold back at all on Saturday, considering the talent surrounding him, so be there!

6. Daktyl – A couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to catch Daktyl play a set at Emissions West Coat Bass Culture Festival in Belden, CA. He was one of the greatest last-minute additions to the lineup I could’ve asked for. I’ve been really into his sound (LA vibes with a clear UK bass influence) for a couple years now, but to be honest I’m often relatively unimpressed with the DJ skills of producers from the “future bass” realm. This is totally acceptable, because their focus is on the production aspect of things, but it’s always a pleasant surprise when an artist puts on an impressive live performance. Daktyl truly blew me away, firstly by using the often neglected CDJ’s on stage in the laptop/controller driven current state of electronic music, but also by his flow and track selection. He sealed the deal by dropping EPROM (always a good look).


7. Great Dane – Dane is one of those producers you can see live time and time again, and you’re still hungry for more. Dane relies on minimalism in the best way possible; crisp, head nodding percussion alongside catchy synth melodies and fat, smooth bass lines is his forte.  Not only are his tunes some of the cleanest productions on the West Coast, but his live sets are put together in a way that leaves you completely hypnotized. You’ll be going from a cuddle puddle to losing your shit within a timeframe of 10 minutes. Do not miss!

8. Machinedrum Vapor City LIVE – I’ve seen Machinedrum countless times over the years at festivals, in clubs, and quite honestly wherever/whenever I possibly can. Every single time I’ve seen him has been vastly different from the last, and every time my mind is blown. Most recently, I saw him play a DJ set at The Crocodile in Seattle, WA, and he played easily the best set I’ve seen in 2015 so far. The feeling I was left with for weeks after that show is unexplainable. I couldn’t think about anything else. When you take the phenomenal vibes of a Machinedrum DJ set, and then add the organic and unique live aspect of his “Vapor City” project, you’re left with something legendary. Travis Stewart has been releasing music for far longer than I’ve even really understood what electronic music was, and the respect he commands in the industry is essentially unparalleled. If the Librarian is the “queen of swag”, Machinedrum is the king. HAIL.

9. EPROM -We are proud that someone who’s so heavily influenced beat music worldwide hails from Portland, Oregon, just a hop and a skip away from What The Festival. If you were at the inaugural WTF, you know what EPROM can do to an unsuspecting crowd. Sander consistently brings that heat, and if his set at WTF’s first year is any indication of what’s to come next weekend, we are in for a special treat. He recently did a remix for Nite School Klik, the new collaboration with BnC favorites DJ Shadow and G Jones that you can peep below. Absolutely do not miss, under any circumstance.

10. Two Fresh – Coming up out of Denver, CO with a much different sound than the traditional mid tempo glitchy sounds heard in that region of the country, Two Fresh has been on the forefront of the forward-thinking beat music scene for years. I’ve seen them play all over the country and it’s safe to say they keep it 100 every time. With an emphasis on 808 bass music and trippy hip-hop beats, their sets are both diverse and high energy. I’ve never been disappointed by a Two Fresh set, and I definitely don’t expect to be when they play at Wolf Run Ranch next weekend.

To be honest, it was borderline impossible to choose just ten artists on this lineup to showcase as our “favorites”, but in the interest of succinctness, we had to cut it off somewhere. However, we’d like to throw a big shout-out to some of the other artists that we’re HYPED to see next weekend: SnakehipsTokimonstaSweater BeatsWave RacerMat the AlienIAMNOBODIGladkillLouis FutonInsightful, The WhooliganBarisoneTyler TastemakerQuarry, and Exodub.

See y’all on the ranch!





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