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Terrorhythm Elements Runs the Purp with Amethyst (JD. Reid)

January 22, 2015Ben Carvalho

Terrorhythm has been a leading force in the resurgence of purple music this past year. Since setting up shop on the unpaved crossroad of purple, future bass, grime and trap, they’ve given voice to artists toying with those genre conventions and in the process turned that unpaved crossroad into a bustling intersection.

Their latest release along this tangent, JD. Reid‘s two track EP for their free Elements series, starts with the syrupy sojourn of “Purp” before stumbling into the wonk-fest that is “Yachts Phantoms”. Those are the sounds we love, and if you follow us chances are you’re already downloading.

JD. Reid’s Amethyst is available free here.

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