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Terrorhythm Makes Waves with Noah B’s Night’s Edge EP

January 26, 2016Ben Carvalho

Terrorhythm boss Plastician has been supporting “wave” music on his radio show for quite some time, but his relationship with the loosely-defined genre grew closer after his fantastic “Lights Out” mix heavily featured the sound. “Wave”, or whatever you want to call it (we’ve called music like this “sadboy beats” within the blog) isn’t new or revolutionary, but rather the slow evolution of internet music trends. Witchhouse, vaporwave, seapunk, that sound briefly called “post-dubstep”, they’re all part of the collective unconscious informing these melancholy beats. Deep and roiling bass, choral atmospherics and walloping 808’s make this style perfect for turning up while still mourning our collapsing global economy.

Noah B is a name to watch as this style develops; his Night’s Edge is both cohesively conceived and expertly executed. From the soaring space-banger “Azure” to the lovely use of dub techno chords on “XXXX”, this release is a must-have for fans of the sound. Hopefully the dub techno influence will find legs within the genre, as its use of space is a perfect compliment to the echoing aesthetic to which “wave” aspires.

Night’s Edge is available now on Terrorthym’s Bandcamp.

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