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The Widdler – Ogo EP

June 9, 2014Ben Carvalho

The Widdler is one of a select few producers able to make their music sound like you’re tripping balls when you’re not (NastyNasty is in there too). Paranoid sounds whirl around you as layers of weirdness ooze between delirious sub bass and muttered vocal samples. Your mind is moist clay, and The Widdler is a shirtless Patrick Swayze. You get the idea.

The Widdler’s new “Ogo EP” on MalLabel Music is some of his finest work in this regard. The title track, Ogo, boasts a bizarre sample leading to a catchy-but-disorienting melody. Gitfukt and Space Balloon are wonky trap/dubstep hybrids guaranteed to get the club cross-eyed. Martian Ambassador is the most straightforward dubstep track on the EP, a minimal sub bass skank with an extra-mental second drop. Rounding out the effort is the psychedelic wormhole of Kill Bitz and a slow, wet workout with Lobster Trap.

Preview and purchase all the tracks on Beatport.

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